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"Knowledge is Power Tour!"

Terrell "RisN" Boyd (aka RisN)

is a multi-talented musician that not only does music production but raps, sings, plays various musical instruments, composes musical scores, and writes songs of the most popular genres of music. He is also the founder of New Rise Entertainment. As a rising music artist, who is also a native of Chicago, he is all too familiar with the pressures of managing academic expectations despite burnout and school violence. Losing his brother to street violence at the age of 14, RisN developed a passion for making a difference. RisN and his team created an innovative approach to educate students about the power of education. RisN was recently a part Chicago's Youth Advocates Program’s nonviolence tour. He captivated audiences with his music and charisma, while delivering a message of empowerment to hundreds of students. 

Aubrey "Aubs" Barnes (aka Aubs.)

is a Rock Island, Illinois native whose passions for poetry and rap are deeply influenced by his faith and ancestors who paved the way for great art; such as Langston Hughes, Gil Scot Heron, and more recent artists such as Kendrick Lamar and Propaganda. Being someone whose art is a cauldron mixing a goulash of theology, sociology, psychology and political ponderings, while having flavorful influences attributed by battle rap and poetic flow, Aubs. desires his art to not only entertain, but provoke listeners to look at life through a greater lens of humility; loving their neighbor a little more, and living in a greater identity. Besides artistry, Aubs. has a background in teaching poetry workshops and speaking to youth and young adults in and out of the church setting. 

Jeremiah "JRaw" Schroeder (aka JRaw)

Grew up in Catholic School until parents divorce at age 10. Rebelled in public high school. Smoking, drinking, selling drugs, sexually immoral. Knew about God, but didn't know God, until after twice in jail at the age of 18. I needed a change, wasn't happy anymore smoking weed everyday. My dad had passed away, so I was only escaping. So many fines from jail time, needed to bring home the bacon. Got a factory job, an hour away. Had a lot of time to think, but needed power to change. Didn't pray much since I was little, so I decided to try it. Something was missing, I was trying to find it. Found the love of Jesus, and the cost was free. Became a child of God, He adopted me. Now-a-days, I have been sober for four year, I have four godchildren whom I love, and I have a lovely, God fearing wife that I have been married to for about four months. This all would not have been possible without completely surrendering my life to Christ. Praise God!

Re-FL3X (formally known as RusHour) 

is a Hip Hop Dance studio based in the Quad Cities. The dance duo is made up of Juan Valtierra and Curtis Bell. They have been performing and teaching dance classes  in the Quad Cities and surrounding areas for over 5 years. They have also been to most of the schools on both sides of the Mississippi river teaching, speaking, and hosting assemblies promoting positive behavior and finding YOUR Purpose. You can also catch Re-FL3X at local community events such as: Pete's Awesome Community Party, Festival of Trees, Juneteenth and Village in Bloom Art Festival just to name a few. Check them out online on Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube under the name "Re-FL3X" and see what they are up to next!